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  • Also Known As : Granadillo
  • Scientific Name:  Dalbergia retusa
  • Source: Central America
  • Color: Cream to Yellow Heartwood, Yellow to Dark Red or Purple with Black Steaks, Oxidizes to Orange Red Color
  • Pattern:  Irregular Grain
  • Similar to: na
  • Uses: Wood for Knife Handles, Brush backs, turning, chess pieces, gun grips, luxury jewelry boxes and pens, inlay for pool cues, musical instruments


Cocobolo is a rich and lustrous exotic wood that lends itself to a myriad of uses due to its durability, workability and attractive grain patterns.  While the white, creamy sapwood is rarely used, the heartwood varies from yellow to deep reds and purples with dark purple veining that creates a dark rich feel to the wood.

The wood is very oily which protects it from water and creates a natural protection for uses in gunstocks and knife handles.  This same amount of natural oil can create difficulty when trying to join the wood and can present problems during varnishing


This durable wood is used in a variety of decorative applications as well as for tools, guns and knives.  Cocobolo is commonly used for knife scales, turned pens and for a for items such as chess pieces as wood figures.


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