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Bocote Wood

  • Also Known As : Mexican Rosewood 
  • Scientific Name:  Cordia Elaeagnoides
  • Source:  South America, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, West Indies
  • Color: Golden, reddish brown with dark brown streaks
  • Pattern:  Strait grain with irregular markings, ray flecks
  • Similar to: Rosewood
  • Uses: Furniture, decking, tools, veneer


Bocote is a wood that resembles rosewood and hence it is often called Mexican rosewood.  It is found throughout much of the South America and Mexico.  It is used for turning, inlays, furniture, tool handles, cabinetry, decking and veneers.


This wood is decidely strong and dense and is used for creating furniture and for decking. Bocote wood is normally found in smaller sizes used for turning, bowls, decorative work, inlays and joinery.  Bocote creates a very striking look especially when it is highly figured, due to the wavy dark grain.  The wood is normally straight grained, and with the tight grain pattern, it is a very common wood for use in small turned objects like pens and for other small crafted items such as knife handles and inlays.  Custom knife makers are very fond of this exotic wood for knife handles and the distictive look of this wood can be found on many high end knives.  Due to the similar look and grain pattern in grain pattern, the wood is often substituted for rosewood


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