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Exotic Wood Burl 




  • Also Known As :  Blood wood, cardinal wood, satine
  • Scientific Name:  Brosimum Rubescens, Brosimum Paraense
  • Source:  South America 
  • Color:  Pale Red or orange to deep Red and Rose color with some yellow stripes
  • Pattern:  Strait or minimally wavy, fine Grain
  • Similar to: Brazilwood
  • Uses: Furniture, Cabinetry, Boats, Inlay, Decorative Boxes, Wood turning, humidors, pool cues, wood for knife handles


Bloodwood also know as cardinal wood is a rich and lustrous wood with a fine grain that makes it a natural choice for woodworkers. It rich color lends itself to decorative boxes and humidors as well as cabinetry and inlay for projects such as pool cues. This exotic wood darkens over time and thus is often given a finish and kept out of direct light to help the wood retain its rose color.  It is found throughout much of South America including Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela. 


This wood is fairly heavy and durable and thus has found wide acceptance in furniture making and cabinetry. The fine grain stucture of this exotic wood also lends itslef well to decorative work, and inlays such as inlay for pool cues and decorative boxes.  This wood is also a used by custom knifemakers as an exotic wood for knife handles.  The wood has a tendency to warp and thus care must be taken when laying up thin pieces.

This wood is relatively easy to finish with very little oil.  The grain is extremley fine and the so the wood can be polished to bring out a beautiful luster.  Due to the hardness bloodwood, it recommended that you use carbide tools and predrill all holes for fasteners.