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Bubinga Wood

  • Also Known As : African Rosewood, Kevazingo (trademark veneer)
  • Scientific Name:  Guibourtia demeusei
  • Source:  Western Africa, Gabon, Cameroon
  • Color: Reddish brown with purple veining, oxidizing to a brown with less noticable veining
  • Pattern:  Straight, Interlocked or Irregular grain, wavy
  • Similar to: Rosewood
  • Uses: Furniture, Knife handles, tool handles, wood turnings, Veneer


Bubinga looks strikingly similar to Rosewood and hence has often been called African Rosewood.  Oxidation of the wood causes the red-brown, light red wood with purple veins to fade to a more brown hue and thus the wood should be kept away from direct sunlight and be finished so as to protect the woods beautiful red hues.  Bubinga is often available in surreal looking wavy patterns and quilted markings.


This wood is dense and fairly strong, lending itself well to a variety of furniture makers as well as tool handles. Due to the massive size of the Bubinga tree, large veneers and paneling are available of this exotic wood.  The fine grain and high density are desirable properties for tool handles as well as wood for knife handles. 

Due to the wonderful wave, quilted and waterfall patterns of Bubinga, this wood is also used by luthiers, making memorable backs for guitars and other stringed instruments.



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